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8:00am – 4.00pm

8:00am – 4.00pm

8:00am – 4.00pm

8:00am – 4.00pm

8:00am – 4.00pm


8:00am – 4.00pm

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we have implemented some important changes:

  • All applicants & patients now require an appointment. Please call us during office hours. 

  • Applicants and patients must wear face masks to all appointments.

  • Only applicants and patients are allowed into the practice. Accompanying family members and friends will be barred from entering. Minors will be allowed one accompanying family member only. 

  • Please do not present to the practice if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms. Patients are advised to call during office hours for phone advice. Immigration medical applicants who are unwell are requested to reschedule their appointment to a later date- this is a directive from the immigration authorities.

Canadian Immigration Medical Update 02/06/2021: If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, please bring proof of vaccination to your medical appointment. 

If you require a visa medical examination, please click the links below to find out more:




New Zealand

Norwegian Maritime Authority


Wahab Medical Practice is a family owned and run medical practice  established in 1987. All three internationally trained doctors (Germany & Australia) are family physicians as well as panel physicians for various countries.

Our Dhaka based practice is equipped with onsite X-Ray and pathology services. We also stock one of the widest range of vaccines in the country for both adults and children. In addition, our doctors work closely with various embassies and multinational companies to screen the health of existing and future staff. Further information can be found under the 'Corporate' tab on this site.

Norwegian Maritime Authority (ENG-1 equivalent): We are authorised to issue mariners' medical certificates for the Norwegian Maritime Authority. This medical is equivalent to the ENG-1 certificate. Please call us for further information. 

We are located in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone

Wide range of vaccines available

Call us on 02 58814671 or 02 58814672