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Please bring the following:

  • Original passport OR National ID

  • COVID vaccination certificate

  • Any health paperwork e.g. list of current medications, hospital discharge summaries, blood tests and doctors' notes or prescriptions 

Additional Information:

  • Upfront Medicals (medical before visa application): you will be provided with an information sheet for visa application

    • Upfront applicants please note that only the Information Sheet is required for the visa application. We strongly suggest applicants familiarise themselves with the process by reading this IRCC link. As we are eMedical enabled, we will give you the Information Sheet print out on the day of your medical examination. 

  • Medical request from IRCC (medical after visa application): bring the Medical Report Form (IMM 1017 E) provided by IRCC

  • Permanent Residence (PR) visa applicants are advised to wait for a medical request from IRCC; we are unable to complete an upfront medical for these applicants

  • Important Update: Express Entry applicants are no longer required to complete an Upfront Medical examination and are advised to wait for a medical request from IRCC. Those who still choose to complete an Upfront Medical may experience delays with their applications including a possible repeat medical request from IRCC. Wahab Medical will not be able to assist with these delays and repeat requests. We recommend Express Entry applicants follow IRCC instructions which can be found here: Medical Exams for Express Entry (external link).

  • All completed medicals are submitted electronically to IRCC via the eMedical portal.


  • 15 yrs and above​            BDT 8000

  • Streamlined IME             BDT 6000

  • Child aged 11 to 15yrs   BDT 5000

  • Child aged up to 11yrs   BDT 4500

  • Additional tests are required in certain cases (as per IRCC protocol).

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