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United States of America

Please bring the following:

  • Interview appointment letter or repeat medical letter stating a medical is required (With DHK number)

  • Two photographs: 1 x passport size & 1 x stamp size

  • Original passport + one photocopy OR certified photocopy and one other form of original ID with photograph

  • COVID 19 vaccine certificate​​

  • Vaccination records of all applicants (COVID vaccination & other vaccinations)

  • Intended address in the USA

  • List of current medications, hospital discharge summaries, previous X-rays, blood tests, prescriptions and doctors' notes or letters

  • For female applicants with children: Dates of birth of all children (applicant or non applicant)

Additional Information:

  • Plan your medical ideally at least two weeks before your interview​

  • Eat & drink as normal before the examination. Take all medications as prescribed by your doctor.

  • All completed medicals will be submitted directly to US Consular before the interview date

  • Click below to book an appointment. Please include DHK number & interview date


  • Adult - BDT 8260    

  • Child (<15 yrs) - BDT 3180  

  • IGRA - BDT 7500

  • Fees above do not include the cost of additional mandatory vaccines

  • IGRA is compulsory for all child applicants aged 2 - 14.99 years old   

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